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Treating Lice in Really Thick Hair

It’s never good news to find out that a child of yours has head lice, but it seems immeasurably worse the more luxuriant and thick their hair is. It’s hard enough parting and peeking through an average to thin head of hair looking for these sesame-seed-sized pests that love to feed on the blood underneath a human scalp. Children, of course, are particularly susceptible to catching head lice since they always seem to be touching and tousling with other kids, so if one has them, you can bet it won’t be long before their friends catch them.


Parents in this situation can get pretty desperate, and yes, this can even include going the route of completely shaving their head. This is, of course, more of a tenable strategy if it’s a boy that has the lice infestation. Although Sinead O’Conner introduced many of us to the concept of a confidently bald woman about a quarter-century ago, it’s still not a look that has caught on for girls or women in general.

Also, if you’re going to go this route, you’d better go all the way. If a female louse has practically any available hair shaft to attach one of their eggs (nits) to, they’ll manage to do it. Head lice infestations can persist for some time at schools, summer camps or other places where kids congregate, and the idea of a permanently bald child isn’t appealing to many parents or to many kids.


If you do a search online for “head lice treatments,” you’ll find more advice than you can shake a stick at. Even some of the good advice can require some persistence and repeated treatments to have any hope of getting the job done, and the bad advice will just waste your time and money. These remedies can run the gamut from suffocating the live lice with mayonnaise or olive oil to applying heat to your loved one’s head with a hairdryer to dehydrate them. Lice can hold their breath for hours, though, so good luck getting your kid to sleep overnight with a gloppy, disgusting Mayonnaise or other oil concoction on their head under a shower cap.


Going to the local drug store to pick up a lice shampoo is a popular option for treating lice no matter how thick the hair of the infested child. The problem with these products is that the pesticides in them have been used for so long that many lice have adapted to them. These “super lice” laugh off these OTC treatments when you apply them to your kids head, so even following the directions probably won’t handle the problem.


If you happen to be a parent living in the Chester County, Pennsylvania area, you should know there’s a head lice removal center nearby that can handle your problem quickly, safely and effectively. Lice Lifters of Chester County is a dedicated lice treatment service. Because this is all they do, they have to be fairly competent at it, or they would have gone out of business long ago.

The team at our kid-friendly lice treatment service consists of certified lice technicians who have the tools, techniques and products to diagnose the presence of lice and then proceed with a head lice removal process that’s so effective we back it with our Lice Lifter’s guarantee. The team at our lice center can handle your head lice problem no matter how thick your child’s hair is. If your kid has lice and you don’t wish to contemplate shaving them bald or wasting money on ineffective OTC products or home remedies, please contact our head lice treatment center in Chester County at your earliest convenience.

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