Lice Lifters Education Program

Lice Lifters Offers Support to Your School in Chadds Ford

Head lice affects anyone, regardless of age, socioeconomic background or hair texture. It’s a common epidemic among school children who tend to share their personal belongings often. Adults must teach their kids how to protect themselves from getting infested. They should also know how to get treatment. Lice Lifters is a program in which speakers will come to your school and speak to students for free. 

Highlights of Our Program

The goal of Lice Lifters is to teach young students, parents and teachers about proper lice prevention and treatment. We speak at local schools, especially ones that have had no lice education programs. Our speeches and demonstrations are only 30 minutes only, so we do not disrupt the busy schedules of students and teachers. After the demonstration, we pass out free informational handouts to take home for further reading.

Prevention Is Key

Preventing lice is the first step to treating it. This infestation has several causes, and the most common one is uncleanliness. Washing the hair regularly with soap and water and showering daily are two major steps to preventing an infestation. Not sharing personal items like combs and towels is another important step.

Separating Myths From Facts

When the HIV/AIDS epidemic first began, many people had misconceptions about the illness and thought that it was contagious through casual contact. Head lice infestation is another disease that is known for both its myths and facts.

Many people think that only the “dirty” kids get lice. It is true that the insects that cause lice are common in developing countries, but rarely seen in developed countries. But that doesn’t mean that clean, well-groomed American and British kids can never get it.

Another myth is that you get lice by casual contact. You can get lice from sharing personal items, but you don’t get it from shaking hands, hugging or touching kids who are infested. It’s important that kids, parents and teachers learn these facts to avoid ostracizing other kids.

Lice is a time of great distress for any child. It’s a time of physical discomfort, mental anguish and a great deal of confusion. In Chadds Ford and beyond, Lice Lifters help parents and teachers to educate their kids about this problem. Visit our website to find out more about our services and our times of availability.

LiceLifters® Detection and Education Program

  • Does your PTO, HSA, PTA at your school invite speakers?
  • Give the parents of your school the gift of lice detection and prevention knowledge
  • Lice Lifters would like to offer your school a free parent Lice Education program
  • This educational program and demonstration is 30 minutes long
  • Informative handouts are given to every attendee
  • The value of education is knowing how to do a head check and prevention. If your school community knows what to look for and how to check like a professional lice technician, parents will have the knowledge for early detection

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