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Our staff consists of trained, certified professionals who provide a welcoming environment for your entire family while utilizing the lice treatment process and products that handle this problem for you safely and effectively. Please fill out the contact form on this page, and we’ll get any infested family members lice free after a single visit!

New Castle County Trusts the Lice Lifters Process

At Lice Lifters of Chadds Ford, the go-to head lice treatment in Delaware County, we are in business because we offer a lice removal process that works. Our team has the tools, knowledge and experience to handle the lice infestation that may be inflicting any of your loved ones. We’ll do a thorough check of your head to ensure lice are the problem, and then we’ll use a special comb to remove as many of the lice and their eggs, or nits, as we can. As added insurance against the problem recurring, we apply a safe, all-natural killing solution that’s effective against the live lice and their nits. We also offer our lice removal treatment for Chester County residents.


1. Come to Lice Lifters

Our lice removal process is more effective than that of any mobile service, so it is worth the short trip to our kid-friendly lice treatment salon.


2. Thorough Comb-Out

Once here, our certified technicians will use a special comb on the hair and scalp of your loved ones to remove the lice and nits.


3. Apply Lice Lifters Solution

The use of our own all-natural killing agent is the final step to give you peace of mind that any remaining lice and nits are eliminated.

Take a Tour of Lice Lifters of Chadds Ford, PA

At Lice Lifters of Chadds Ford, we offer your family the ultimate in lice removal techniques and technology. We follow the steps and apply the products that get the result you want, and we do it quickly and affordably for any of your infested loved ones.

We are very welcoming at Lice Lifters of Chadds Ford. We provide a kid-friendly atmosphere while offering your children numerous diversions while they await their turn with one of our friendly and experienced lice removal technicians.

Testimonials for Lice Lifters of Chadds Ford

Lice Treatment New Castle DE 2020

JoAnna Becker

Very helpful. We called that morning and got an appointment for 12 which was cutting close to another appointment. They were able to fit us in earlier than expected. Staff was very friendly and fast.

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Based on 112 reviews
Lice Treatment New Castle DE 2020

Lice Treatment New Castle DE 2020

Liv Parker

This place saved my sanity. I will be forever grateful for Julie and Shannon. Julie helped me more then I can ever thank her for. I know you might be thinking it all of money but it is worth every penny. I have 3 daughter with excessive hair and myself as well. They are awesome!

Lice Treatment New Castle DE 2020

Timothy Bowen

It’s an awful situation when your kid gets lice. When the OTC stuff doesn’t work and you don’t know what you’re doing wrong… It’s because you didn’t go to LL first. We have a big family and they worked with us to make it less painful. Thanks Lice Lifters!

Benefits of Lice Lifters

  • We only use products that are safe and effective.
  • Our all-natural killing solution kills 100 percent of live lice.
  • Our one-visit treatment process means you’re free of lice quickly.
  • Our treatment is recommended by school nurses and pediatrician endorsed.
  • Our trained and friendly staff give you peace of mind.

What to Expect

  • A friendly staff that’s trained to handle this problem for you.
  • We’ll perform a head check to verify that you do have lice.
  • We employ our safe, all-natural products to kill lice and their nits.
  • We give you simple post-treatment tips on detection and avoidance in the future.
  • An entertainment area with snacks, movies and cable TV while you wait.